Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fruits of Jordan

"If I had to mention a fruit that descended from paradise I would say this is it because the paradisiacal fruits do not have pits..." ~Prophet Muhammad

Summer means fruit in Jordan. Lots of it. It's all over, and it's an aspect of the Middle East I think is really cool. I am literally able to pick fruit as I walk down the street, hanging from the branch of a simple fig tree growing off the side of the road.

A few weeks ago it was plums, then grapes - which grow over almost every patio- and now figs and soon pomegranates. I've been indulging myself in all of it, not because I buy the fruit in so much as every time I go to someone's house I am served it. Also, peaches, prickly pears, and watermelons are very common here. It makes me want to grow fruit trees back home, but I'm not sure they'd grow so well in New England (aside from apples).


Ilana said...

Ah yes, I remember on a road trip my uncle bought a huge box of figs for a couple of dinars. Eating them until my mouth grew a reddish hue and gradually they started to taste like candy is one of my fondest memories of Jordan.

Thalib said...

hey assalamu alaikum Chris! It's Thalib from fawakih. Nice blog you've got here. Incidentally, i've been wondering what the textual basis for the Islamic endorsement of pomegranite. That's interesting.

See you around.